Customer Testimonials

Why do customers recommend IronGate.Wine to buy, sell and store their vintage wine collections? Let’s here it directly from them.

Jeremy N., GA

I shared this bottle of 1995 Chave Hermitage last night  at one of Atlanta’s top restaurants – Marcel.  Among some other big hitters (Sine Qua Non, Macdonald, Rousseau, Krug), this was WOTN for everyone. Thanks for offering up such a great bottle!  Was cellared to perfection.

Cally D., AL

IronGate is like an Amazon one click shopping to a wine connoisseur.  They are helpful, informative, and accommodating to whatever your wine search may be!!!!!! Cheers!

Larry H., CA

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen DRCs that old in such good condition. I’m looking forward to opening some up once they’ve settled in here.

Erik T., IL

I just wanted to thank you for the great service – the voicemail, email, great packaging and the prompt delivery – the wine bag is also a nice touch.  I would definitely order from you again.

Marco A., NY

The IronGate.Wine team do an outstanding job…totally professional, knowledgeable…. and service oriented. We are very happy with this creative wine company and its array of wine services.‎

Yves M., CT

Absolutely accommodating, reliable, courteous and professional. The IronGate.Wine crew has made my cellar building experience even more enjoyable and much less stressful.‎

John R., CA

My encounters with IronGate.Wine over the years have always been highly professional and a pleasure to interface with. Knowledgeable, transparent and very dedicated to their customers’ best interest, I would highly recommend.‎

J.M. Zurel, NL

IronGate.Wine’s knowledgeable staff are invaluable resources to any oenophile who wishes to store their wine, evaluate their collection, use any of their modern wine inventory management and software systems or need wine purchasing consultation. A one-stop destination for virtually all of your ”grape” requirements.‎