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Your wine is worth storing with Iron Gate.

You put a lot into your passion for fine wine. To ensure you get the most out of it, we’ve created the best wine storage and management service in Canada.

Our environmentally controlled, high-security wine storage vaults offer the perfect storage for your most prized bottles. We ensure that your collection ages to perfection, is accessible when you choose to withdraw all or a portion of it, and is maintained under strict security conditions without parallel.

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We’re Canada’s premier wine storage and management service.

A flagship vault located 20 feet underground – literally in a concrete cube, accessible only by our staff.
Your wine will age in environmentally ideal conditions – from temperature to humidity to storage angle.
Storage built with high security in mind – our wine vaults are monitored 24/7 and cared for meticulously by our team to ensure the safety of every bottle.
Highly competitive cellaring costs – Pricing begins at $5.50 per case per month with a minimum of 20 cases. Prices reduce based on contractual terms, volume of wine, prepayment options, etc.
Manage your inventory, with us and at home – our online Cellar Care inventory system is complimentary for all our wine storage clients. View your collection, see maturity dates and ratings, add tasting notes, request a delivery/pick-up, and more.
Easy access to your fine wine – When a pick-up request is made, the system triggers a pull order that is sent to our cellar manager to advise where your wine is located in the cellar, if this is a delivery or pick up, and timing. It then sends you a confirmation report by email.
A visual record of every bottle – We also provide high resolution digital photography of each bottle or sealed case in storage for the purposes of insurance, potential sale or detail confirmation. Contact us for a quote.

Our Toronto Facility

Facility Locations

72 Six Point Road
Etobicoke, ON
M8Z 2X2
1460 The Queensway
Etobicoke, ON
M8Z 1S7

Why store your wine?

There are several reasons why you may choose to store all or part of your fine wine collection with Iron Gate:
You’re living or moving abroad.
If you live or work outside of Toronto for even part of the year, your wine collection will need to be safely stored under optimal conditions, and somewhere it can be withdrawn easily upon your return. That’s where we come in.
Your home wine cellar is overflowing.
We make it easy for you to keep a portion of your fine wine collection at home, and store wines that are earmarked for longer term consumption with us. Put in a request whenever you need to replenish your home cellar. You can even send new purchases directly to our facility to be checked, catalogued, and safely stored until you’re ready to drink them.

You’re renovating or moving.
Major home and cellar renovations can take months or years. Iron Gate will care for your collection during the project and can provide access and delivery of small volumes for consumption when required. When your renovations are complete, we’ll deliver and unpack your wine – and even set up our Cellar Care inventory system so you can easily find every bottle.
You need corporate wine storage.
We help restaurants, clubs, and even international consulates with their wine storage needs. Whether you’re undergoing renovation or require overflow facilities, we can accommodate.

You need emergency wine storage.
In the unfortunate circumstance that the integrity of your home cellar is compromised, such as flooding or adverse storage conditions, Iron Gate can act very quickly to pack, transport and store your wine to ensure its quality is not affected. We can also provide bottle photography and inventory services for insurance purposes.

Fine Wine Storage Solutions

Storing a smaller collection?
Our partners at the Vintage Conservatory have personal wine lockers in a secure, temperature-controlled environment that includes access to the best wine club in Toronto.
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Inventory your collection.
Our Cellar Care inventory system is an easy way to organize your cellar. See how this software can help you keep track of your fine wine.
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Create the perfect home cellar.
Use our team’s fine wine knowledge and expertise to plan a home wine cellar that suits your needs. Talk to us about a home cellar consultation.
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We’re here to help you get the most out of your fine wine collection.

Megan McDonald
Senior Client Manager

We’re here to help you get the most out of your fine wine collection.

Megan McDonald
Senior Client Manager
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