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People are very close to their collections. When they entrust us to offer it for sale, the process needs to honour what was put into it.

Warren Porter
“People are very close to their collections. When they entrust us to offer it for sale, the process needs to honour what was put into it.”
Warren Porter

Get more for your finest bottles when you sell with Iron Gate.

You’ve spent a lot of time, care and money building and curating your fine wine collection. When you decide to sell part or even all of your collection, it requires the same kind of dedication, expertise and attention to detail.

We help collectors in a variety of ways, but for most people auctions are the best way to maximize their return on their fine wine. Our 18 years of experience, deep ties in the fine wine community, and leading auction format will help you achieve the maximum value for each and every bottle in your cellar.

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Here’s how to consign your wine with us.

  1. Reach out to our team about the quantity and quality of your collection through our consignment form
  2. We’ll give you estimated sale prices for your fine wine and/or spirits.
  3. If you approve, we’ll prepare your bottles for sale, taking photos of each one and creating detailed descriptions for prospective auction bidders.
  4. We’ll put them up for sale in one of our commercial auctions.
  5. You’ll be paid for your sold wine within 20 days of completion of the sale.

Why sell your wine through Iron Gate?

A Canadian company – we run our auctions out of Alberta, and are Canada’s only national auction completely dedicated to fine wine & spirits.
Lowest buyer premium in Canada – with only a 17.5% buyer premium (instead of 20-24%), and Canada’s lowest tax rate, your wines are more attractive to prospective bidders.
18 years of experience in Canada’s fine wine and auction communities – we have a team of industry veterans, sommeliers, logistics experts, auctioneers and more.
No shipping, export duties, paperwork hassles – selling within Canada makes it easier, plus we take care of any paperwork for you.
Higher return – selling with Iron Gate as opposed to a US auction house historically garners you a significantly higher return, even factoring in currency exchange. Feel free to contact us to get a copy of our case study.
Payout within 20 business days of auction close – much better than the industry norm of 35 business days to 2 months. Plus no chargebacks or holds on returns or non-pays.
Marketing and promotion – Our auctions include hi-res photography of each lot, not a stock photo. Plus, VIP events, press releases, social media, targeted advertising.
Options outside of auction for specialized items – if auction is not ideal or desired, other options include private international buyers.

See how your wine will be sold.


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Reasons to sell your wine: The Six Ds.

Collectors come to us with a wide variety of reasons and motivations when it comes to selling a fine wine collection. Here are the most common:

Divorce – Wine collections are often a material component of marital assets that may need to be sold in whole or in part. Let us value this asset for you and help you make an informed decision on whether or not to sell.

Debt – While we often look to stock portfolios and real estate when facing a need for cash, your cellar can hold significant value you might not have considered. Iron Gate can loan funds against the cellar as an asset or sell outright to ease your financial situation.

Death – Liquidation of an estate is a daunting task, particularly with a specialized product like wine. It is more difficult to value and sell and, as a widow or executor, you might not be educated on the world of fine wine. Iron Gate can handle it all from appraisal to transport to sale.

Dry – A large percentage of the collections we receive are for health reasons. The doctor says you need to cut back or you might decide it is time to drink less or not at all. Don’t let the wine sit in your cellar past its prime and potentially decrease in value.

Development – Over the course of your life your palate will change. The wine you enjoyed and accumulated in your 20s and 30s might not be the same wine you prefer in your 40s and 50s, so why hang onto wines you no longer drink? Consider selling off these and using the proceeds to buy wines you enjoy at this stage in your life.

Downsizing – The kids have moved out and the big home is being replaced with a condo downtown. The 2500 bottle cellar is now being replaced by a 500 bottle wine fridge. While Iron Gate’s storage is an option, it might be time to thin the collection out..

What’s your reason to sell? Talk to our consultants to get started.
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We’re here to help you get the most out of your fine wine collection.

Megan McDonald
Senior Client Manager

We’re here to help you get the most out of your fine wine collection.

Megan McDonald
Senior Client Manager
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