Sell Your Wine


Collectors sell or prune for many reasons.  Sometimes it’s an entire collection for health, estate or liquidity issues. Most of the time, however, it’s the pruning of a collection that has been built up over a lifetime.  Our clients often consider that they’re now only drinking Burgundy, for example, and therefore should thin out the Bordeaux or California sections of their cellar.  The challenge in Canada is the lack of a secondary retail market to guarantee you a fixed price for your wine, without risk.  Iron Gate has now changed all that by launching a US-based retail entity under NY State Liquor License #G848717.

For the past 8 years, Iron Gate has been helping Canadians sell their wine outside of Canada.  In some cases, this was through great auction houses like Hart Davis Hart in Chicago or Zachy’s in New York.  For those looking to sell their entire collection as opposed to the risk/rewards of an auction, Iron Gate has relationships with retailers around the world looking for inventory.  Both of these options remain available as does direct sale through IronGate.Wine, our own retail arm.

Do you have to be Canadian or have your wines located in Canada to sell on IronGate.Wine?  Absolutely not.  We welcome consignments from all over the United States as well and would be pleased to give you a quote to sell your collection.

Please contact us to determine which avenue is best for your unique application.