Wine Collection of an Avid Collector and Certified Specialist of Wine

Avid Wine Collector and Certified Specialist of Wine

Warren Porter’s thoughts on this extensive new wine collection:

“This vintage wine collection came to us as a result of some out reach we did in Alberta showing collectors options for liquidating some of their wine outside of the province. This one was particularly exciting because the owner had travelled through wine regions around the world, always bringing back his favourite treasures and creating verticals. We gathered everything together refrigerated across the country to verify, quality check, and photograph, and have made them available to buyers lucky enough to snap them up. We hope you find what you’re looking for and we are excited to offer this amazing collection.”

Some words from the wine collector:

Wine Collection 10879 Cellar“In 1980, I attended business meeting in San Francisco and that meeting provided me with a chance to visit Napa Valley. I was immediately hooked and jumped in with both feet. I read as much as I could about wine and tried tasting some of the worlds best. I dabbled in building up a small cellar, slow initially. In 1985, I toured Bordeaux, in 1988, the Barossa. In 1990, for my fortieth birthday, my wife bought me a wine course in Napa and with that group I toured all of the great wine areas of France. Since that time I have toured Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa. If there are vines, I will travel. Travelling only increased my desire to collect wines from those regions. I attained my CSW from the Society of Wine Educators and I currently lead educational tastings for 3 wine groups in Calgary and I Cellar Master for two of these groups.

Wine Collection 10879 Cellar 3Most of my wines were acquired in Calgary from local wine shops. I also would import bottles now and then from the USA. I joined mailing lists of many hard to get American labels. It was the hunt for these labels that was exciting.

Initially I collected Bordeaux, then Burgundy, but my tastes changed to California Cabs then to California and Oregon Pinots which is where I am at now.

I had a temperature controlled wine room built with two Vintage Keeper chilling units.”