Vintage Wine From The Estate of Arnold Steinberg

This exciting collection is from the Estate of Arnold Steinberg of the Steinberg grocery chain in Quebec. It’s particularly exciting because there are so many incredibly rare wines with special attention to be paid to the iconic 1961 vintage with wines from Latour, Margaux and Haut Brion. In all our years we have never seen so much 1961 with such incredibly high fill levels. Mr. Steinberg was a prolific collector and also a Commandeur de Bordeaux and member of the Confrerie des Chevalier du Tastevin. The art collection of the estate is currently selling in NYC and valued at approximately $50M.

The cellar was personally inspected twice before reaching an agreement. We can confirm that the bottles had been acquired on release (save for the few before 1959) by Mr. Steinberg and held in his cellar at 55C. We met with friends of Mr. Steinberg who held vivid memories of drinking many of these icons, frequently at the famous Moishes Steakhouse in Montreal where many of the empty bottles still reside.

In this first tranche we showcase all the wines that have a base neck fill and above, in other words, in perfect condition. There of course is some bin staining but that should be expected with wines that have been properly stored for over 50 years. A subsequent tranche will be bottles below base neck, still very acceptable for many, that have been discounted appropriately.