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Behind Fine Wine | Riedel’s Stewart Risto and Warren Porter Discuss Wine Stemware and Decanters

Behind Fine Wine | Riedel's Stewart Risto and Warren Porter Discuss Wine Stemware and Decanters

In this episode of Behind Fine Wine Warren Porter of IronGate.Wine sits down with Stewart Risto from Riedel over a bottle of 2010 Cos d’Estournel decanted in Riedel ‘s collector edition Elton John Ayam decanter. Stewart and Warren discuss the importance of varietal specific stemware and the reasons for decanting wine. Stewart shared his knowledge on the background and history of Riedel and the various stemware collections available from Riedel online and in stores.

Interview Transcript

Warren: Good afternoon and welcome to another edition of Behind Fine Wine. I am extremely pleased to welcome my friend Stewart Risto from Riedel Canada. Thanks for coming Stewart.

Stewart: Thanks for having me here.

Warren: My pleasure, my pleasure and I’m also extremely happy to say that we are going to be drinking the wine today out of this amazing piece of art that Riedel recently came out with. This is one. This is an Elton John, Ayam is that how you pronounce it?

Stewart: Ayam, yes.

Warren: Ayam decanter I saw this I was in a cafe in South America and Maximilian Riedel posted that they had come out with this and Elton John has always been my absolute favourite and I instantly went, “Oh my God, how do I get one of those?” and Stewart came to my rescue and he said there’s only two coming into Canada and we’ve got one for you. So this is the first time that we’ve ever used it and we’re going to be drinking a 1970 Cos d’Estournel from that. And why 1970 wine you may ask? Because my favourite Elton John album, Elton John being my favourite artist, my favourite Elton John album is 17 -11- 70 and so I thought this would be a good one to have in Canada, comedians in cars getting coffee kind of way so.

Stewart: Loving the context

Warren: So we’re going to have this and so.

Stewart:Is it this way to pour?

Warren:Is it like that Okay Well, why don’t you do the honours because you know the

Stewart: Hold on here let me …

Warren: You’re the expert in this.

Stewart: If you listen to decanter you’re going to hear it cluck a little as it forces air through

Warren: Amazing.

Stewart: Now as you set it down, it has to reload.

Warren: Now we only pour this a couple of minutes ago. We’re going to talk a little bit about decanting here this afternoon but the…  we only poured this a couple of minutes ago because it’s such an old wine I don’t like to pour them too early. This one is