Wine Collection From A Prolific Wine Collector In Toronto

Warren Porter’s notes – This incredible list of wine for sale came to us through a prolific collector in Toronto that we have known for about 10 years.  Originally IronGate.Wine was hired to set up a new 10,000+ bottle cellar (photos seen here) and install an inventory control system.  At the time the cellar was primarily Bordeaux wines, Italian wines and American wines.

The client spent a great deal of time sourcing wine from the best vendors throughout the world.  A knows the industry very well and knows who to buy from and, most importantly, who not to buy from.  This tranche of wine came as a result of a changing palate that has graduated to Burgundy wine.  While it will still number in excess of 12,000 bottles in the entire collection, these gems are ones that are duplicates or simply wines that the collector doesn’t believe they’ll ever get to before they reach their peak.

From the Provenance Notes – This wine collection is a small part of a larger 10,000+ bottle private cellar that has been kept meticulously at a perfect temperature and humidity level. Iron Gate has known this client for 10 years and assisted in setting up this original cellar built by one of the top Toronto wine cellar designers . Inventory was fully managed with an eSommelier system.  To say that ultimate, almost obsessive care was taken in storing these wines would be un understatement. The collector is well connected in the wine world and always purchased from top producers and/or futures. The sale is a result of a migration to Burgundy in drinking habits.