Wine cellar and collection including Latour and d'Yquem

Private Montreal Wine Collection

Warren Porter’s notes – This client came to us an introduction through a long time collector friend in Montreal. He is a gentleman who has collected all of his life and was looking to thin out his cellar by about 30%. Over a lovely dinner he said to me “there are two things I have too much of; wine and real estate”. I visited the home and inspected the cellar conditions which were perfect with proper redundant cooling systems and humidity. Inventory was kept by eSommelier. In the home there was about 25% of the total collection with the remainder being at the SAQ (government liquor authority in Quebec) professional wine storage. Everything is, as expected, impeccable.

Besides the great provenance of this collection I like the diversity and depth of it. There are some amazing and rare large formats including a rare 3L Haut Brion. There’s no shortage of great super Tuscans in large quantity and large format including magnum and double magnum of Tignanello, Ornellaia and Sassicaia. And if you’re looking for the ultimate unicorn, a magnum of the legendary 1985 Sassicaia. Lastly, there are numerous bottles of the most rare and sought after Screaming Eagle, Harlan and Dominus that you don’t often see in this quantity.

This is truly a high end sliver of this amazing collection and we hope you get the prizes you’re looking for.