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Personalized Wine Notifications Of The Wine You Buy Based On Preferences

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Personalized wine notifications by email.

Do you receive weekly, and sometimes, monthly emails from wine retailers that include dozens and dozens of wines you have no interest in buying? Us too!

That’s why IronGate.Wine is pleased to introduce personalized wine notification by emails, which are based on your personal wine preferences.

You tell the IronGate.Wine preference engine the wine regions and producers, vintages, formats, price and wine ratings ranges you are interested in and our promise to you is that you will only receive emails with wines you are interested in.

Personalized emails include notification when a new vintage wine collection arrives and weekly emails of the wines you may have missed. Again, solely based on your personal wine preference of the wines you drink and collect.

When combined with the Gold and Platinum Memberships launched last month and IronGate.Wine’s preference engine, the personalized email platform now notifies you when a new wine collection is listed online and you can take advantage of the 24 or 48 hour pre-public wine sale.

Our promise is to deliver to you the best wine buying experience possible. Based on that promise, if we don’t have the wines available online that you are interested in acquiring, you won’t receive an email from us. It’s as simple as that.

If you ever need help setting your preferences, one of our concierge team members is available for a quick call to help you.